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Nano copper used in the field of lubricants

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  Nano copper powder has good thermal conductivity, self-lubricity and high activity, making it play an important role in many fields, such as electricity, mechanics, chemistry and other fields.

  Nano copper powder

  Nano copper powder has a large specific surface area and a large number of surface active centers, and is an excellent catalyst in metallurgy and petrochemicals. In the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions of high molecular polymers, nanometer copper powder catalysts have extremely high activity and selectivity. Nano-copper powder is an effective catalyst in the process of acetylene polymerization used to make conductive fibers. The use of nano-copper powder as a solid lubricant is one example of nano-material applications. Ultrafine copper powder is properly dispersed in various lubricants to form a stable suspension. This oil contains millions of ultrafine metal powder particles per liter, which are combined with the solid surface to form a smooth At the same time, the micro scratches are filled, which greatly reduces friction and wear, especially under the conditions of heavy load, low speed and high temperature vibration. Because of this, nano-copper powder lubricants have been sold abroad.

  Nano-copper powder can be used as a catalyst to partially replace the precious metals platinum and ruthenium in the process of automobile exhaust treatment, and convert CO into CO2. Adding nano-copper powder to non-conductive grease, the original non-conductive grease becomes conductive grease. This conductive grease will be used on high-current electrical contacts and high-current knife-gate switches.


  The main application of nano copper powder


  Nano-copper can be used as a catalyst in petrochemical industry. Studies have shown that particle size has a greater effect on the catalytic activity of copper particles. The smaller the particle size, the higher the product yield.

  Conductive adhesive material

  Nano-copper powder has high strength and is much cheaper than other precious metals. In the electronics industry, copper-silver bimetal powder can be used instead of other metals to produce conductive paste, conductive paste, and electrode materials.

  Advanced grease additives

  This is one of the most successful applications currently. The copper nanoparticles are deposited on the friction surface by electrophoretic movement under the action of the electric field formed during the friction process, forming a dense protective film, and exhibiting good anti-friction properties. At the same time, under high load and high speed, the addition of nano-copper effectively improves the anti-wear performance of engine lubricating oil, and prolongs the service life of wearing parts in the engine.

  Factors affecting the tribological properties of nano-copper

  1.Effect of particle size and addition amount

  There is a preferable range of the particle size of the nano-copper particles in the lubricating oil. The lubricating effect of the nano-copper particles is the best when the particle size is 415 nm. Outside this range, it is not very obvious. However, due to different preparation and modification processes, the particle size of nano-copper particles, their dispersion stability in lubricating oil, and the effective content of the particles are different, so that this optimal addition range has not yet achieved consistent experimental results.

  2.Effect of sliding speed and load

  Compared with low load, nano copper has better tribological properties under high load. The research on sliding speed shows that under low load, the friction reduction of nano-copper increases with decreasing sliding speed; under high load, the sliding speed has little effect on the tribological properties of nano-copper.

  3.Effect of lubricating medium

  Nano-copper particles have excellent anti-wear and anti-friction properties in various lubricating oils, but the effects shown in different oils are different due to the differences in the properties of the oils themselves.

  4. Influence of friction pair materials

  Nano-copper particles have certain anti-wear and anti-friction effects on steel-steel, steel-iron, iron-copper, and steel-aluminum friction pairs. For materials with lower hardness, such as copper and aluminum, it is easy to occur under high load conditions. Deformation, so the effect is slightly worse compared to low load conditions.

  5. Impact of Nano Copper Addition Process

  Scholars have studied the effects of different dispersion processes of nano copper on the tribological properties of lubricating oil (SF1 5W / 40 motor oil). The results show that the friction reduction performance is better with ultrasonic dispersion than with ball ink dispersion.

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