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  With the continuous improvement of modern science and technology, in the 1980s, nanotechnology appeared to study substances at the atomic or molecular level. Because the nano-aluminum powder has smaller volume and larger specific surface area, it exhibits higher chemical activity and faster reaction rate. Nano-aluminum powder is one of the most energetic materials reported in the application research of energetic materials at this stage.

  As a new material, nano-aluminum has three main fields of application, including rocket propellants, explosives, and solar cell aluminum backyards. These three aspects are of great significance to the country's military and economic development. The large-scale preparation and application research of nano-aluminum is related to the development of China's national defense construction and the development of high-tech products.

  Nano aluminum main application areas

  Nano aluminum applied in rocket propellant


  The aluminum content ranks second in the earth's crust, second only to iron. In daily life, various aluminum products have been widely used. It is more noteworthy that due to the high density of aluminum, low oxygen consumption, and high enthalpy of combustion, it is possible to have a higher aluminum powder content in the solid propellant, which has a significant effect on improving specific impulse. Coupled with abundant raw materials and low cost, it is widely used as an additive for energy materials in rocket propellants. Compared with ordinary aluminum powder, nano-aluminum powder has the characteristics of faster burning and greater heat release. If 1% by mass ultrafine aluminum or nickel particles are added to the solid fuel propellant, the combustion heat of the fuel can be doubled. Compared with ordinary aluminum powder with the same content, the burning rate can be increased by 70%.

  Application of nano-aluminum in explosives


  Adding high-calorie metal powder to explosives is one of the ways to improve the function of explosives. Aluminum-containing explosives, as a class of high-density, high-explosive, high-power explosives, have been widely used in water weapons and air weapon ammunition. Nano-aluminum and other metal oxide nano-materials can burn at a speed of 1500- 2300m / s, the maximum shock wave can reach Mach 3. This nano-sized "smart bomb" is expected to deliver targeted drugs to cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. This kind of high-energy explosive successfully combined with nano-aluminum powder and metal oxide has a surface area much larger than that of the conventional aluminizing agent powder, so it can provide ten times higher burning speed than the existing propellant propellant.

  Nano aluminum applied in solar cells


  With the continuous improvement of materials and production levels of solar cells, the minority carrier lifetime of solar cells is also increasing, that is, the diffusion length of minority carriers is continuously increasing. When the diffusion length of minority carriers is equal to or exceeds the thickness of silicon wafers At the thickness, the effect of the recombination speed of the back surface on the characteristics of the solar cell is obvious. From the perspective of current commercial solar cells, in order to reduce the cost of solar cells and improve efficiency, manufacturers are also continuously reducing the thickness of silicon wafers to reduce the price of raw materials. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of the battery, it is necessary to consider reducing the recombination speed of the back surface of the battery and improving the long-wave spectral response. So the quality of the aluminum back field will directly affect the output characteristics of the solar cell. The particles are small, the aluminum paste has good contact with the silicon wafer, the particles are large, there are large gaps between some areas and the silicon surface, there are voids, and the aluminum paste has poor contact with the silicon wafer, which makes some areas not form an aluminum back field. Therefore, the particle size of the aluminum paste has a very important relationship with the formation and quality of the aluminum back field. The smaller the aluminum particles, the lower the melting point, the easier it is to form a silicon-aluminum composite layer with a silicon-based material at a certain temperature, which is more conducive to the formation of an aluminum back field and to improve the output characteristics of solar cells. Therefore, the preparation of nano-scale aluminum powder is extremely important for the production of aluminum back-fields for solar panels.

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