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PTFE nano masks are the nemesis of 2019-nCoV

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  Wearing a mask is an important means to isolate the transmission of viruses, protect susceptible people, and achieve effective individual protection. Currently, masks can be used to isolate bacteria and PM2.5 particles in two ways:

  (1) Electrostatic adsorption, which is an active isolation method, uses the electrostatic force between the fibers in the middle layer of the mask to adsorb bacteria and tiny particles to achieve isolation and protection;

  (2) Physical isolation belongs to a passive isolation method, which uses the small pore structure of the mask itself to block the invasion of bacteria and viruses. The physical isolation method mainly uses the gravity effect, interception effect, diffusion effect, and inertia effect of bacteria and fine particles.


  The design requirements of general medical surgical masks can block bacterial aerosol particles larger than 3 microns in diameter, and the core layer of the mask has a large pore diameter, which cannot perfectly achieve physical isolation of small particles of bacteria and viruses. The electrostatic adsorption method is mainly used. However, as the wearing time increases (such as 1 to 2 hours), the mask becomes wet due to human activities such as breathing of the wearer, and its electrostatic adsorption capacity is weakened, and the isolation effect gradually becomes worse. Given the tiny size of the virus, ordinary medical surgical masks cannot achieve long-term effective isolation and protection.

  Nano masks have become an efficient medical protective mask due to its highly efficient filtering performance. Similar to ordinary medical masks, nano antibacterial masks also consist of outer layer, middle layer, inner layer, ear hook, nose clip and other parts. Nano masks are special in that the middle layer is made of nano-membrane with a smaller pore size (100-200 nanometers), which is generally made of PTFE. The PTFE film prepared by unidirectional or biaxial stretching method has a spider web-like microporous structure on the surface, and has three-dimensional structure with very complicated changes such as network connection, hole setting, and channel bending, so it has excellent surface filtration Features.

  Nano masks made from this material have the characteristics of high barrier efficiency, long service life, light and breathable, and it is a new direction for the development of masks in the future. However, at present, such masks are relatively expensive and cannot completely replace traditional masks.

  Russia successfully develops nano silver anti-virus mask material

  According to the official journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Siberian Branch, the materials used to make medical masks are usually impregnated with a waterproof mixture, and Russian scientists have decided to treat them with silver ions. During research, it was discovered that live microorganisms do not penetrate this mask. The research has been tested against influenza A virus and two bacteria with success.

  Scientists say that if ordinary masks need to be replaced every one and a half hours to two hours, then the masks developed by Russian scientists can work for ten hours. In addition, nano silver anti-virus masks also have the ability to clean themselves, but the price of this mask will be slightly more expensive than ordinary masks.

  Academician Nikola Lakhov, chief researcher at the Institute of Solid and Mechanical Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that Russian scientists are willing to share this invention with China. If there is demand from the Chinese side, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences can provide relevant materials for testing by Chinese institutions.

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