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About Us

  Established in Zhongguancun, Beijing in 2013, Fulangshi Nanotechnology is committed to becoming an Intel in the global nanomaterials field, focusing on the preparation and industrial application of new nanomaterials. It has obtained dozens of national patents, and the manufactured nanomaterials have high purity and purity High, low cost, many types, production efficiency is improved dozens of times compared with domestic and foreign counterparts, the production process has no environmental pollution, and the utilization rate of resources can reach more than 95%. The application of new nanomaterials will greatly improve the performance of existing products in thousands of industries such as 3D printing, electronics, biomedicine, aerospace, etc. At present, products have been used in many fields, which have greatly enhanced the performance of existing products.

  Fulangshi Nano Technology has broken through technical problems and produced environmentally-friendly nano-metal powders and inorganic non-metal powders (both containing their compounds) using environmentally-friendly physical methods. The powders provided for you have 6 advantages:

  1) Prepared by the internationally leading technology electronic explosion method, environmental protection and zero pollution;

  2) The purity of nano powder is as high as 99.9% and above;

  3) The minimum particle size of the material can reach 5 nanometers;

  4) Nano-activity reaches above 78;

  5) hundreds of nanometer powders can be prepared;

  6) At the same time provide various types of cost-effective powder.

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